Document management made easy

Nov 24, 22

me, the way of doing business has changed, and so have the manufacturing processes. The logic is simple, if you don’t adapt quickly to changing demands, you become irrelevant.
Every day, thousands of business documents get generated. The challenge lies in managing them most effectively so that they are easily accessible at any given time.

Still managing documents the old way ?

Ok, so you are a company that has a physical document department or a basement full of filing cabinets. Ask yourself is it worth the risk? Anything could happen to those important business documents like destruction by fire, rats, water damage,etc.

● Today the average retention period of most business documents is at least 6 years while some documents might also have to be stored for a lifetime, even if the business is running or not example:  Environmental Clearance Letter(ECL). 

● For a small company maintaining a dedicated army of employees for just managing the documents is not at all worth it. Even for big Corporates, is it worth wasting Investor’s Funds for such a task? Probably not!

The new way of managing business documents!

Knyo-The next generation of cloud PLM can help make your document management system go completely digital and that too without breaking a sweat. With knyo, you can have effective version control of all of them, automate certain document processes, better manage workflows by making sure that the document(s) available to the teams working on it is always up-to-date, and also comply with Industry Standards like ISO & other Auditing Standards(AS).

Some Distinct Features of Knyo’s Document management system:

Manage business processes better

Reduce the document review period by automating the approval process using Knyo’s Smart document management feature. Documents that need Interdepartmental team collaboration can easily be managed in a 100% digital process, all the while adhering to company policies and standard workflow systems.

Using knyo, you can give specific access control to various departments while also maintaining complete corporate transparency. With our PLM, you can easily store sensitive regulatory documents in the necessary format since it is also compliant with various other government regulations like FDA, GMP, HIPAA, and more.


With knyo, you can also control the document access rights from view-only to editing, etc. Additionally, you will also get to view the system logs regarding document history records for better compliance with Auditing Standards.

Search, Edit & Share

Declutter your document management system today by finding the right document at the right time using Knyo’s powerful search tool that includes more than 20 parameters. Also, Teams working on the document(s) can individually drop their comment(s) on that without compromising the integrity of it ever, thanks to knyo’s built-in versatile commenting tool.

Quickly find the document which matters most, at any given moment and safely share that with your clients or employees on any digital medium for their take on it.

Version Control

Knyo can smartly categorize different versions of the same document(s) using its proprietary algorithms. So now create, edit & manage various documents without compromising the original document ever.

Tracking Incremental Changes in documents

As you keep editing the document(s), Knyo will make a duplicate copy of that and name it alpha-numerically like A1, A2, A3, so that you get to see all the incremental changes (if any) made to them for future reference. Also, if you want to define custom attributes for the documents, you can do that in knyo without any system-level downtime.


When you subscribe to Knyo, You will get a PLM software made by using only the highest encryption standard (AES 256 bit) and the added assurance of a dedicated team who will work tirelessly towards making your experience as smooth as possible by squashing any probable future threat to your product data, always.

Why Knyo? How are we different?

We are not the company which is just trying to sell you a PLM subscription. Rather we would like you to think of us as a partner upon which you can always count upon at the time of need.

Practicality and ease of usability are valued over anything else, at knyo. Our motto is simple, ” Why When Where “. Why do you need this feature, When do you need it and Where do you need it. That is why knyo has such a clean UI despite loaded with tons of features.

Visit our website today and check out the 30-day trial offer of Knyo. See how knyo can add the missing value that you were always looking for in your existing system and how it can be just about the right fit for your organization.