Simple, flexible and intuitive document workflows.

Knyo's Document management feature lets you organize, manage and approve your documents with ease.

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A modern approach to managing documents.

Easily manage your business documentation, track incremental changes, store FDA, GMP, HIPAA regulatory documents. A Modern document management platform which will add tremendous value to your business.

Compliance and Regulations

Document management platform is fully compliant with regulatory standards like FMEA, GMP, FDA, EPA ...

Flexible & Easy

Knyo lets you create, share or link Business documentation and also store their related meta-information.


A document history feature shows all the changes that the user makes to a particular document.



Revision Control

  • Track incremental changes to documents.
  • Changes can be reviewed, authorized/rejected in a controlled, electronic process.

Automatic Document Number Scheme

  • Automatically generate your own Document numbers by defining the required Pattern.
  • Encode the important attributes of document while generating document number.

User Defined Attributes

  • You can define your own custom attributes on the Document.
  • No system level downtime is required to define, modify or delete custom attributes.

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