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Ideas are easy, implementation is hard, we make it easy for you as a startup to archive it faster.


  • The biggest challenge for startup today revolves around financial management, running the business on low CapEx is quite difficult.
  • Production planning using low-cost resources always makes the situation resilient for entrepreneurs.
  • Competitors pop up almost every day, so to sustain a startup in the competition, it needs to launch products as soon as possible.
  • Balancing the pace of innovation and time-to-market is always a concern for startups.
  • Another challenge faced by manufacturing startups, is deciding when to scale the business.

Why you will love Knyo?

Super simple user interface

Ease of usage with Knyo's intuitive user interface. Zero learning curve.

Boosts productivity

Fasten your design process from the conceptual stage to design.

Constantly improving

Knyo is constantly evolving based on the industry best practices based on lessons learned from you.


No extra configuration or installation is required. Readily accessible through your favorite browser.

CAD model viewer

View and review CAD models on the go without any need of any extra software right from your browsers.



With the help of Knyo you can easily coordinate and manage all the design engineers involved.

Simplified design process

Knyo standardizes your design process by allowing you to store predefined templates and modules saving your crucial time.

Track changes

We help teams tracking every individual change by each designer, we prevent conflicts in single design using lock and unlock process.

Usability and accessibility

It doesn't matter where you are located you can access your data at any time from anywhere on AES 128 bit TLS 1.3 connection.


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