Automotive Industry

The automotive industry can rely on Knyo to increase productivity and collaboration, improve quality, boost creativity, and shorten the "time to market".


  • The major challenges in the automotive sector are the need for continuous modifications in power trains to comply with the ever-changing regulatory environmental norms and the increased demand for electric vehicles.
  • Additionally, the industry is facing issues in terms of fuel economy, gas emissions, safety, and vehicle affordability.
  • The competitive pressure on vehicle prices, quality, performance and productivity are increased than ever.
  • Poorly managed supply chain policy is the biggest challenge for the automotive industry.


Workflow management

Product information like design, BOM and supplier information can be passed to various departments through controlled workflows.

CAD plugins

Part modifications and changes can be easily managed inside CAD. Knyo provides plugins for some CAD application. In case you have a special request, please contact us "

Engineering change management.

Knyo effectively manages and involves different entities in your organization to implement change in the product.

Effective supply chain management.

Improved procurement through transparency, accountability & collaboration.


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