Aerospace & Defense Industry

Knyo ensures reliability in the lifecycle of Aerospace & Defense products.


  • Developing new and innovative products and technologies and ensuring their reliability in extremely difficult conditions as well as meeting high safety standards are typical challenges in Aerospace & Defense Industry.
  • Introducing industry reliability techniques, verification, and validation makes a product lifecycle process complex.
  • Project management in the industry with cross-function and cross-division entities is a challenge.
  • Managing the lifecycle of high precision products in the industry involving multiple third-party systems is becoming more complex.



Manage complex engineering processes, easy integration with complex systems with our ready to use plugins and hooks.

Document management

High precision, and electro-mechanical products that has regulatory as well as reliability requirements can be easily designed and tracked with Knyo.

Quality management

Quality and cost are maintained by facilitating the immediate rectification of defects, or by continuous improvement.

Data backup.

Knyo’s high availability and standard industry safeguards such as disaster recovery, data backup and redundancy make it a powerful and suitable PLM platform for the aerospace and defense industry.

Change management.

Implement convenient and flexible change management suitable for your product development in Knyo.


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