Suppliers And Customers

Build your customer and supplier marketplace

Helping organizations get more out of their procurement and logistics operations.

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Increased collaboration with suppliers & customers

Manage your orders efficiently and optimize operations by finding the right supplier/customer contacts at the right time, securely store supplier/customer agreements and documents.

Build Relationships

You have a platform to build a relationship with your customers to improve operational excellence and increase your profit

Simplified collaboration

Increased collaboration with your suppliers by maintaining a delicate balance between demand and supply.

Proactive service

Supplier and Customer information services can be extended to downstream applications like ERP.



Store contact information of vendors

  • Store the contact information of vendors.
  • Save the vendors into various categories like supplier, manufacturer or distributor.

Store taxation information

  • Store taxation records like GSTIN/TAN for each supplier & customer.

Attach contract & billing document

  • All the legal contract(s) or bills associated with specific vendor(s) can be attached with their respective contact cards for easy future reference.

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