Unlock the benefits of Part management.

Parts are building blocks of your enterprise, let us handle its data while you focus on your business.

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Stay A Step Ahead of your Competition

Knyo’s exceptionally fast performance is what sets it apart from other Cloud PDM Applications. Use part management to reduce the product development time and cost while keeping your competitors at bay.

Simplify your Design Process

Streamline the management of any product from proof of concept to decommissioning, reduce the time to market and cost of ownership.

Avoid Production Mistakes

Ensure your manufacturing team always uses the correct version of the design, hence minimizing the risk of expensive assembling errors.

Contribute and Collaborate

Effective collaboration can be achieved by tracking every individual change by the designers.



Part Revisioning

  • Easily Track Incremental changes made to any part/design.
  • Changes can be reviewed, authorized/rejected in a controlled, electronic process.

Part Parameters

  • Store your electrical, chemical, mechanical, or any type of parameters and their values using the Part Parameter.

Part Attachments

  • Upload CAD/CAM models and other file types securely on cloud storage.
  • Classify attachments to their categories to keep them organized.

3D Viewer

  • Automatically convert your CAD Designs to 3D.
  • Built-In 3D viewer powered by Autodesk.

Lock Unlock (CheckIn and CheckOut)

  • This feature allows you to lock a part or document for others while you are editing it on your computer.

Automatic Part Number Scheme

  • Automatically Generate your own part numbers by defining the required Pattern.
  • Encode the important attributes of part while generating part number.

User Defined Attributes

  • You can define your own custom attributes on the Part.
  • No system level downtime is required to define , modify or delete custom attributes.

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