Bill of materials

A progressive way to build your bill of materials.

Consistently manage the bill of materials and fasten your product's go to market.

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Your time is too important to waste on spreadsheets

With our web based graphical bill of materials (BOM) editor you can quickly build components, assemblies and sub-assemblies with simple drag and drop mechanism.

Save time

Reduce lead time by a significant margin by designing a detailed, accurate and complete component structure.

Save money

Optimize your supply chain by increasing ability to acquire materials and track costs.

Agile to the change

Our cloud based platform takes care of all the complex engineering problems making your process agile for change.



Maintain multiple BOM types

  • Maintain Manufacturing, Design, Service and other BOMs types precisely.

Multilevel BOMs

  • Organize BOM in a logical way by splitting it in different levels.
  • Hierarchical representation of multilevel BOMs.

Informational Reports

  • Various reports like implosion, explosion, where-used and weight/cost roll-up reports are available.
  • Lead time calculation.

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