Why do you need a good cloud based PLM software?

Nov 25, 22

Product data is like the heart of any company ❤, which is why it’s the most important asset that a company has. For years the popular way of managing this data was by using traditional PLM solutions, which had to be physically present in the user’s premise but not anymore. Due to technological advancements and the availability of high-speed internet services, today it is possible to deploy a ☁️ cloud PLM for a much lower impact cost than before. 

◇ There exists, lots of cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software in the market, but not every one of them is suitable for every type of company. Hence choosing the right PLM software is essential for any manufacturing-based company. Read below to find out why our PLM solution just might be the “ONE”  for you.

◇ KNYO- The next generation cloud☁️ PLM, is one such simple yet powerful cloud PLM software available in the market today. It can also double up as a business management suite, including but not limited to Supplier management, Bill of Materials management, Document management, and many more.

Below are some of the class-leading features of Knyo- The Next generation cloud☁️ PLM:

Remote working capabilities 

Using Knyo ☁️ will help accelerate your company’s remote working capabilities which are now needed more than ever, especially in this pandemic times. Knyo ☁️ doesn’t need any physical servers or an IT team on standby because all the non-business technical kinds of stuff are being taken care of by our team in the background hence saving you a lot of time and money.

⊙ All you need is some trained operators and access to high-speed internet, that’s all. Your team can be spread across the entire globe and yet they can all work together seamlessly. This is by far the biggest benefit of using Knyo ☁️


Building up a product takes years of human efforts and not to mention the huge money invested , so keeping the product data safe is of utmost priority for every company. That is why Knyo ☁️ has been built using only the best of technology available and the strongest encryption possible.

⊙But just as with every industry there will always be some bad pennies that will value cost over security, so choose your PLM provider wisely by weighing upon your options. With Knyo you don’t have to worry about data security for there are absolutely no compromises made in this department. So start your free trial today to check it out.

Maintenance free

No one can assure you, that their traditional PLM system will keep on working years after year without any kind of problems unless you commit to the costly routine maintenance services, it is just not possible. But our Cloud PLM solution has this added assurance of working for ages without any kind of maintenance on the users’ side.

⊙The maintenance services needed for the optimal functioning of Knyo ☁️ are taken care of by our team in the background with absolutely no risk to the end-user. So goodbye to server failures, mechanical errors, hard disk crashes, and all the other problems associated with traditional PLMs.

Meeting business goals

Normally in traditional PLMs’, there may arise various challenges which can affect production in the business. The servers being physically located are more prone to damage, then there is also the problem of processing speed, and more. But with Knyo☁️ you do not have to worry about these kinds of things.

⊙ Using Knyo’s ☁️ FAST processing speed and the power of the cloud you can increase your production efficiency by a good percentage, hence ultimately boosting your revenue.

Not quite sure ?

You must be a startup company or an SME who is in their early stage, testing the waters with your product. Since you’re not sure whether the product will do well in the market or not, committing a large sum of money into a physical PLM solution will be a sort of risk to your capital.

⊙ In this case, our Cloud-PLM is best suited for your needs since it’s a SAAS type product, you pay as you go without ever buying the software permanently. So take up as much time you need, sort out your product, dabble in the market and use Our cloud PLM subscription until you’re ready to join the big leagues where you can build your very own Cloud PLM using our advanced API tools.

So if you think We (Knyo) and You are a good fit, drop us a mail at sales@glabbr.tech and we will make sure to get in touch with you to fix a meeting.