☁️ Cloud PLM— A new normal

Jun 16, 21
Neelanjit Das
Product advocate

The current market situation is that there exist two types of manufacturers. One group comprises those who are paying a high price for the maintenance of on-premise PLM, and another group consists of those who want to implement cloud PLM but are deferring them due to the high cost of implementation.

● Most PLM solutions available in the market are releasing their product updates very frequently like twice, thrice a year suggesting all of their customers update to the latest version. Additionally, these updates are not easy as Microsoft’s windows update. Some update leads to data migration which makes this update process even worst.

● Over the past few years, giant manufacturers have adjusted themselves for these kinds of frequent updates. They adapted it as a routine process engaging third-party consulting vendors to handle product updates, its customization, and support.

● For the manufacturers that cannot afford to hire third-party vendors, this maintenance is quite painful. Additionally, for the manufacturers thinking to implement fresh PLM, make sure to have enough funds reserved.

So, what is the significance of stating all the above things? Well, the gist is, the PLM implementation and its maintenance have become expensive, long-windy, and tedious these days. Post COVID-19, where the entire world is trying to boost the manufacturing capabilities, PLM implementation and its maintenance may slow us down, taking the attention off from the core product. For the fresh PLM implementation, the factors that affect the total cost are,

Total Cost: PLM Licensing fees + Server Cost + Third Party Consultation Fees + Customization Cost + Maintenance & Support Cost + Migration Cost (To transfer all the existing data to the PLM) + End User Training (includes time + money).

The high prices associated with PLM implementation have discouraged many small manufacturers from implementing PLM in their organizations.

CLOUD ☁️ PLM is the new normal!

What if a ready-to-use PLM solution is available on the cloud with a subscription-based pricing model?

Yes, you heard it right a ready-to-use PLM solution on the cloud. With a low initial investment, the manufacturer can go live from the very first day of subscription.

Cloud PLM benefits:

· Ready to use solution.

· No Customization.

· No high-cost product updates.

· No high-cost maintenance.

· It can be used anywhere, anytime.

While many CAD solutions are available on Cloud, its integration with cloud PLM can enable a manufacturer to excel in its business processes. Having PLM and CAD on the cloud can save the manufacturer some time and cost that can be invested in other key business areas. You can think of Knyo as a PLM cloud solution, and you can start using it from the very first day of your subscription.

For more information on why choosing the right PLM provider is very important, read this blog.

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