Why we changed our name to Knyo!

Nov 24, 22

A little more than you would normally expect.

Back When we started, there was a distinct broad-based market segmentation. A lot of (Product Lifecycle Management) PLM companies existed, each with their own “Break-Through” technology but most of them missed one key aspect which is affordability.

Let’s face it! PLM solution takes up a significant investment to implement. So how did Klepp solve this problem? That is our Trade Secret.

Klepp is that next-generation cloud-based PLM software which not only is affordable but also is the  fastest one that is available right now in the market. It could be used by every type of manufacturing company irrespective of their balance sheet size or product categories and what’s more, we have a “pay-as-you-go” or subscription-based billing model which not only lowers the initial impact cost but also adds up to the convenience of the customers.

We’ve heard you!

For the past year, we have been studying the feedback that most of our customers and well-wishers gave. This study has helped us understand that the name Klepp is not a better match to what we had in our mind. That is why we are now changing our name to ”KNYO” (pronounced neo). 

We think the new name better reflects our true goal i.e to revolutionize the cloud-based PLM market with our solution.  Klepp or Knyo, as we now prefer to be addressed as, is that next-generation Cloud-based PLM software that you have been waiting for. Knyo ☁️(pronounced Neo) means new, for we are just that. We are on the path to change the traditional method of manufacturing for good.

What’s so special about us?

If you notice our logo (. K), the K is more a “ < “ than “ K “ simply because we want our users to think of Knyo, not like any other PLM software but rather as a reliable one, upon which they can have expectations much more than(<) others. 

Also we were among the first one to recognize the growing need to serve the under-served class of enterprises in the market. Little by little, solving one problem at a time, today we have built a truly revolutionary product that changed the way a company handles its product data.

Going digital is the only way forward is not just a slogan anymore. The very survival of the business depends upon it. We understand that so when you purchase Knyo, you are getting only the fastest and the best PLM software available today and not just a simple PDM application.

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KNYO, The reliable partner invested in the growth of your business.